Visuals and sketches

Visuals, concept sketches, plans. JL Visuals brings your concept, script or design to life. Show your clients in an appealing manner what they can expect. Let them feel the atmosphere and win that pitch!

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Visuals Visuals

Visuals, as an illustration in support of the concept, to persuade the client or win that pitch.

Birds Eye Views Birds Eye Views

Birds eye views give an effective overview, the most important parts or ambiences can be emphasised.

Maps & plans Maps & plans

Coloured floor-plans combine een static technical plan and the different elements and ambiences of an event.

(Concept) sketches (Concept) sketches

Sketches are sometimes the preferred way to bring across a concept or design, either with or without some color or detail.

Interior Interior

Sketches and visuals for interiors of i.a. holiday parks, (themed) restaurants, leisure centers, congresses.

Decor Decor

Decor en interior design for events, theme parks, festivals, leisure centers, swimming pools, play areas.

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10 Mar 2015

Portfolio website

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Portfolio of recent visuals and sketches. Many thanks to my clients, for their impressive concepts and designs!  

23 Feb 2015

Concept sketches for inauguration of a ship

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Over the cause of the past half year I have worked in fases on the project of the inauguration of the Pioneering Spirit, for Hendrix Regie and Showproducties, Fraai Projecten en Marc van Laere Producties for, in following order, the concept, the decor and the entertainment. From the first concept sketches up to the Artist’s Impressions for the […]

Visualizing passionately for over 20 years


Since 1994 I have been visualizing and illustrating with passion under the company name JL Visuals. A concept, script or design often only really comes alive when the imagination is stimulated by graphic images. A visual, sketch or floor-plan can say more than a thousand words, to coin a phrase.

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I, Joke, am specialised in the rendering and enhancement of preconceived visions. I create visuals and sketches digitally on a Wacom Cintiq, in Photoshop and SketchUp. I prefer to work together with you/ the client in a flexible and transparante fashion, in all required stages of the project.

  • Visuals for events, live communication
  • Visuals and design for (themed)interiors, Artist’s Impressions
  • (Concept) Sketches and Story boards
  • Maps, Plans and Birds Eye Views